Rules & Regulations

10.1 Teams will be awarded league points as follows:
• 5 points for a win
• 3 points for a draw
• 2 points if within 5 goals of winners score (4 goals in a match of 40 minutes duration)
• 1 point for over 50% of the winners score.
• 0 for a loss

10.2 A League table will be compiled on the basis of the points awarded to each team. Where two teams are level on points:
• Goal average shall be used to determine their relative positions i.e. the team with the higher average of goals scored divided by goals conceded over the course of the season shall take precedence
• In the event that goal average does not differentiate between the teams, then goal difference shall be applied, i.e., precedence shall be given to the team with the greater difference between goals scored and goals conceded
• In the event that goal difference does not differentiate between the teams, then the team with the greatest number of goals scored shall take precedence
• In all of the above calculations where one of the teams has its goal difference, goal average or total number of goals scored affected by cancellations or defaulted matches, then the goals scored by and against defaulting team(s) shall be omitted from the calculations. For example, in the event that one team received 5 points for a cancelled fixture, then the goals scored (both for and against) in the other team’s corresponding match with the defaulting team will not be included when its goal average or goal difference, or total goals is calculated
• In the event that neither goal average nor goal difference nor goals scored can differentiate between the teams, the aggregate score in the match or matches played between the teams over the course of the season shall be calculated and precedence given to the winning team
• In the event that none of the above differentiates between the teams, The Committee, or its nominee(s), shall determine the means of differentiation

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9. REGISTRATION OF RESULTS 9.1 Teams are required to complete the official Results Cards after each match. Both cards must be s
11. QUERIES, COMPLAINTS, DISCIPLINE & APPEALS 11.1 Any team or match official who intends to raise a query or complaint regarding the playing of a

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