Rules & Regulations

6.1 The Committee is happy for teams to use experience/training umpires. Any unqualified umpire must have a mentor supporting them on the day. These umpires will be allocated to each fixture by The Committee, wherever possible on a “neutral” basis.

6.2 Teams will be responsible for the expenses of the umpire(s) they provide.

6.3 Umpires are expected to conform to a standard of physical fitness which allows them to keep pace with the speed and variability of the game(s). If age, illness, injury or pregnancy is likely to affect the umpire’s movement and positioning to the detriment of the game they are asked to withdraw from officiating.

6.4 If an umpire has a scorer, and both teams have scorers, then during the match the scorers must stand together on one side of the court at the centre line.

Where next?

5. CANCELLATION OF MATCHES 5.1 If a team cancels a match the non-offending team will be awarded five (5) league points for the
7. REGISTRATION 7.1 In the event that an umpire fails to arrive, or is injured or taken ill during a match, the foll

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