Rules & Regulations

7.1 In the event that an umpire fails to arrive, or is injured or taken ill during a match, the following procedure will be applied:
• The League Committee must be informed immediately by the team providing the umpire.
• The League Committee will determine the action to be taken.

7.2 Where an umpire has failed to arrive the team responsible may be required to forfeit their match to allow for umpires to be re-allocated should a suitable replacement not be available. This will be at the discretion of The League Committee. The team responsible may also be subject to a deduction of a maximum of two(2) league points, subject to determination by the Committee

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6. MATCH OFFICIALS 6.1 The Committee is happy for teams to use experience/training umpires. Any unqualified umpire must
8. TEAM BENCH 8.1 The team officials and up to 5 players, not on court, shall constitute the team bench. The team

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