Rules & Regulations

3.1 Teams must provide a squad list containing all players’ names, dates of birth and affiliation no. by the first league fixture. Players may be added to this list throughout the season, but must be registered on the squad list held by the Committee prior to playing.

3.2 Teams may name up to 12 players for any one match, and identify each player through her affiliation number on the Results Card.

3.3 Teams may only use those players whose names appear on their Results Card for that match.

3.4 Once a player has been named on a Results Card she cannot transfer to another club during the course of the current playing season, without the written authority of The Committee. No transfers shall be allowed after 31 January in any season.

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2. PLAYING QUALIFICATIONS AND ELIGIBILITY 2.1 Application for entry to The League shall be open to any club or team affiliated to England Netb
4. FIXTURE ARRANGEMENTS 4.1 Matches will be played at agreed venues with adequate surrounds and ancillary facilities, includ

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