Rules & Regulations

4.1 Matches will be played at agreed venues with adequate surrounds and ancillary facilities, including changing and showering facilities for both sexes, unless otherwise agreed by The Committee or The Association.

4.2 The Committee are responsible for arranging the venue(s), and their payment.

4.3 Each team must provide size 5 netball, clearly marked with their team name.

4.4 All players must wear positional bibs and teams must have a spare set in a different colour in case of a clash of colours. In the event of a clash of colours, a toss of a coin between the two captains will decide which team will retain their original colours.

All matches must take place on the dates agreed by The Committee.

4.5 The start time of each match will be set by The Committee. Any dispute over start times will be determined by The Committee at its absolute discretion.

4.6 All teams must be on the allocated court, in position, and ready to play at the time stated on the fixture schedule. If a team arrives late, or with less than 5 players, they shall concede the game and the points for a win shall be awarded to their opponents, subject to any appeal to The Committee.

4.7 The match may be played as a friendly and the umpires must record on the Results Card, prior to the commencement of play, the name and arrival time of the team that arrived late.

All matches shall be of four quarters of 12 minutes each as determined by The Committee.

4.8 No team may postpone or cancel a fixture without the agreement of The Committee. Matches which are postponed due to extreme and unforeseen circumstances, e.g., flash flood, heavy snowfall, must be played as agreed by The Committee.

4.9 In the event that a match is abandoned for any reason, e.g., because of serious injury, the result of that match or the requirement to replay will be determined by The Committee, having regard to the score at the time and length of time played prior to the game being suspended.

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3. REGISTRATION OF SQUAD MEMBERS 3.1 Teams must provide a squad list containing all players’ names, dates of birth and affiliation
5. CANCELLATION OF MATCHES 5.1 If a team cancels a match the non-offending team will be awarded five (5) league points for the

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