Rules & Regulations

2.1 Application for entry to The League shall be open to any club or team affiliated to England Netball through The Association, which has paid its subscription in this respect.

2.2 Entry to the League will be determined by The Committee at its absolute discretion, subject to its reasonable application of the rules and regulations laid out herein, and having due regard to the playing standard of teams wishing to participate. In the same way, such casual vacancies as may appear from time to time will be addressed by the Committee in whatever way it sees fit.

2.3 The Committee and The Association are entitled to charge an entry fee to The League.

2.4 The rules & regulations may be amended by the committee to suit the requirements of the league.

2.5 By entering a team in The League, clubs/teams agree that:
• They will abide by these rules and regulations
• They are able and willing to fulfil the costs and commitments of participation in The League

2.6 In order to qualify to participate in The League, a player shall be in membership of England Netball as a Registered Participant via a Club which is affiliated through The Association. Players must be registered with the Club for which they are playing as either a first or second claim participant.

2.7 All players must have their membership lodged with the England Netball Head Office, and their subscription paid, prior to their participation in the League.

The Qualifying Date for players competing in The League shall be midnight on 31 August / 1 September prior to the commencement of The League:
• Players in the Under 16 Division must be under 16 on the Qualifying Date.
• Players in the Under 14 Division must be under 14 on the Qualifying Date.
• Players in the Under 12 Division must be under 12 on the Qualifying Date.

2.8 Teams wishing to play a talented U12 player in the U14 age group or a talented U14 player in the U16 age group must request this in writing to the committee.

2.9 Any player (for whom written permission has been received), who plays for a higher age group shall, on the third occasion of playing for the higher age group team, be permanently transferred to this squad. The player will then no longer be eligible to compete within her own age group. This includes any substitute player no matter how long she plays.

Where next?

1. RULES OF THE GAME 1.1 The IFNA Rules of the Game currently in force at the time will apply, except where specifically
3. REGISTRATION OF SQUAD MEMBERS 3.1 Teams must provide a squad list containing all players’ names, dates of birth and affiliation

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