Rules & Regulations

5.1 If a team cancels a match the non-offending team will be awarded five (5) league points for the match, and the team which cancels will have two (2) league points deducted from their total. A league court cost of £10.00 will be payable by the team cancelling.

5.2 The team which cancels may be liable to pay any costs which the non-offending team and match officials have incurred, subject to the determination of The Committee.

5.3 If a team wishes to cancel a match they must follow the following protocol:

• Contact the opposition for the game(s) concerned AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
• Contact the League Committee to inform them which game(s) have been cancelled in order that umpires can be re-arranged.

5.4 Teams involved in a match cancelled in advance of the day will not be required to provide an umpire. However any match cancelled on the day/match time, the team will still need to organise for their umpire to officiate the game allocated.

Where next?

4. FIXTURE ARRANGEMENTS 4.1 Matches will be played at agreed venues with adequate surrounds and ancillary facilities, includ
6. MATCH OFFICIALS 6.1 The Committee is happy for teams to use experience/training umpires. Any unqualified umpire must

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