Rules & Regulations

12.1 All clubs will be held responsible for their players, officials and spectators.

Spectators (i.e. anyone not part of the Team Benches of the games in progress) must remain outside the netting surrounding the court area.

12.2 The England Netball Duty of Care guidelines require that any person wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close range photography should seek authority from the opposition before carrying out any such photography.

12.3 It is the responsibility of each team to provide adequate first aid cover for its players and officials, which shall also be made available to the match officials on request.

12.4 All clubs must ensure that they are aware of, and follow the England Netball Duty of Care Guidelines.

12.5 No form of gloves may be worn when playing netball. If gloves are required for medical reasons, the umpires may allow seamless leather gloves to be worn on production of an appropriate medical certificate, but they still have to be satisfied that the gloves do not present an obvious hazard to other players

12.6 If a scarf needs to be worn because of religious practices, the player and the coach must ensure that the material used is soft, without embellishments which might constitute a danger and with potential flowing/flapping edges held securely around the neck or tucked into the shirt collar as neatly and securely as possible.

12.7 The Committee shall determine any matter not covered by these rules and regulations.

Where next?

11. QUERIES, COMPLAINTS, DISCIPLINE & APPEALS 11.1 Any team or match official who intends to raise a query or complaint regarding the playing of a

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